Affiliated Faculty

Academic Staff

Firstname sort upsort down   Surname sort upsort down Position sort upsort down Phone Location
Prof Sharon Abrahams Send Email to Prof Sharon AbrahamsChair of Neuropsychology0131 650 3339S11 (7GS)
Dr Bonnie Auyeung Send Email to Dr Bonnie AuyeungChancellor's Fellow0131 650 3451S30 (7GS)
Dr Thomas Bak Send Email to Dr Thomas BakReader0131 650 3441S3 (7GS)
Dr Kasia Banas Send Email to Dr Kasia BanasTeaching Co-Ordinator0131 650 4521G10 (7GS)
Prof Timothy Bates Send Email to Prof Timothy BatesProfessor+44 131 651 1945F33 (7GS)
Dr Tom Booth Send Email to Dr Tom BoothLecturer in Quantitative Research Methods0131 650 3424F17 (7GS)
Prof Holly Branigan Send Email to Prof Holly BraniganProfessor0131 651 3187S13 (7GS)
Dr David Carmel Send Email to Dr David CarmelLecturer0131 650 3455F16 (7GS)
Dr Nicolas Chevalier Send Email to Dr Nicolas ChevalierChancellor's Fellow0131 650 4336S27 (7GS)
Dr Martin Corley Send Email to Dr Martin CorleyHead of Psychology0131 650 6831G8 (7GS)
Prof Nelson Cowan Send Email to Prof Nelson CowanProfessorial Fellow0131 651 1302UF41 (7GS)
Dr Luna De Ferrari Send Email to Dr Luna De FerrariPostdoctoral Tutor in Statistcs using R0131 651 1990G9 (7GS)
Prof Ian Deary Send Email to Prof Ian DearyProfessor0131 650 3452F5 (7GS)
Prof Sergio Della Sala Send Email to Prof Sergio Della SalaProfessor0131 651 3242F6 (7GS)
Mr Jason Doherty Send Email to Mr Jason DohertyResearch Assistant0131 6515 476 G10 (7GS)
Dr Morag Donaldson Send Email to Dr Morag DonaldsonSenior Lecturer0131 650 3437UG41 (7GS)
Dr Leonidas Doumas Send Email to Dr Leonidas DoumasLecturer0131 651 1328S5 (7GS)
Prof Randall Engle Send Email to Prof Randall EngleProfessorial Fellow0131 651 1302UF41 (7GS)
Prof Catharine Gale Send Email to Prof Catharine GaleReader0131 650 3348S15 (7GS)
Dr Elena Gherri Send Email to Dr Elena GherriLecturer0131 650 3340S41 (7GS)
Prof Wendy Johnson Send Email to Prof Wendy JohnsonProfessor0131 651 1304F10 (7GS)
Dr Peter Lamont Send Email to Dr Peter LamontSenior Lecturer0131 650 3372F34 (7GS)
Dr Billy Lee Send Email to Dr Billy LeeLecturer0131 650 3342S40 (7GS)
Prof Robert Logie Send Email to Prof Robert LogieProfessor0131 651 1394F9 (7GS)
Dr Steve Loughnan Send Email to Dr Steve LoughnanLecturer in Experimental & Social Psychology0131 650 9861UF40 (7GS)
Dr Michelle Luciano Send Email to Dr Michelle LucianoLecturer0131 650 3063S26 (7GS)
Dr Sarah E. MacPherson Send Email to Dr Sarah E. MacPhersonSenior Lecturer0131 650 9862S11A (7GS)
Dr Andrea Martin Send Email to Dr Andrea MartinLecturer0131 650 3430S9 (7GS)
Dr Rob McIntosh Send Email to Dr Rob McIntoshSenior Lecturer0131 650 3444UF36 (7GS)
Dr Adam Moore Send Email to Dr Adam MooreLecturer0131 650 3369S32 (7GS)
Dr Alexa Morcom Send Email to Dr Alexa MorcomLecturer0131 651 3232F31 (7GS)
Dr Candice Morey Send Email to Dr Candice MoreyChancellor's Fellow0131 650 3371S25 (7GS)
Dr Rene Mottus Send Email to Dr Rene MottusLecturer0131 650 3410S4 (7GS)
Dr Mante Nieuwland Send Email to Dr Mante NieuwlandChancellor's Fellow - Lecturer0131 650 8387S28 (7GS)
Dr Antje Nuthmann Send Email to Dr Antje NuthmannReader0131 650 3459S31 (7GS)
Prof Martin Pickering Send Email to Prof Martin PickeringProfessor0131 650 3447S12 (7GS)
Dr Hugh Rabagliati Send Email to Dr Hugh RabagliatiChancellor's Fellow - Lecturer0131 650 3454G28 (7GS)
Dr Richard Shillcock Send Email to Dr Richard ShillcockReader0131 650 44254.24 (IF)
Dr Patrick Sturt Send Email to Dr Patrick SturtReader0131 651 1712G29 (7GS)
Prof Caroline Watt Send Email to Prof Caroline WattProfessor0131 650 3382S39 (7GS)
Dr Alexander Weiss Send Email to Dr Alexander WeissSenior Lecturer0131 650 3456B18 (7GS)
Dr Sue Widdicombe Send Email to Dr Sue WiddicombeSenior Lecturer0131 650 3411UF35 (7GS)

Research Staff

Firstname sort upsort down   Surname sort upsort down Position sort upsort down Phone Location
Dr Mike Allerhand Send Email to Dr Mike AllerhandStatistician0131 650 3445F4 (7GS)
Dr Moreno Coco Send Email to Dr Moreno CocoLeverhulme Early Career Fellow0131 650 3450S29 (7GS)
Dr Janie Corley Send Email to Dr Janie CorleyResearch Associate0131 651 1683F3 (7GS)
Dr Simon Cox Send Email to Dr Simon CoxPostdoctoral Research Associate+44 (0)131 650 8493F1 (7GS)
Dr Gail Davies Send Email to Dr Gail DaviesGenetic Statistician0131 650 8492F1 (7GS)
Dr Dominika Dykiert Send Email to Dr Dominika DykiertResearch Assistant0131 651 1686F3 (7GS)
Miss Chloe Fawns-Ritchie Send Email to Miss Chloe Fawns-RitchieResearch Assistant0131 650 8317F4 (7GS)
Dr Chiara Gambi Send Email to Dr Chiara GambiResearch Assistant0131 6511752UG44 (7GS)
Dr Lauren Hadley Send Email to Dr Lauren HadleyResearch AssistantTBCUG44 (7GS)
Dr Sarah Harris Send Email to Dr Sarah HarrisResearch Fellow0131 650 8493F1 (7GS)
Dr W. David Hill Send Email to Dr W. David HillStatistical Geneticist0131 650 8405F1 (7GS)
Miss Faith Hodgins Send Email to Miss Faith HodginsResearch AssistantTBCUG45 (7GS)
Dr Paul Hoffman Send Email to Dr Paul HoffmanPostdoctoral Fellow in Cognitive Ageing0131 650 4654F8 (7GS)
Miss Aine Ito Send Email to Miss Aine ItoResearch Assistant0131 650 8385F12 (7GS)
Dr Matthew Iveson Send Email to Dr Matthew IvesonPostdoctoral Research Associate0131 650 2931S6 (7GS)
Dr Agnieszka Jaroslawska Send Email to Dr Agnieszka JaroslawskaResearch AssistantTBCF15 (7GS)
Dr Marios Kittenis Send Email to Dr Marios KittenisResearch Fellow0131 650 3388US47 (7GS)
Miss Timea Kutsai Send Email to Miss Timea KutsaiResearch AssistantTBCTBC
Mr Dave Liewald Send Email to Mr Dave LiewaldDatabase Manager0131 650 8330F4 (7GS)
Dr Chiara Madden Send Email to Dr Chiara MaddenResearch Assistant0131 651 1685F3 (7GS)
Mrs Alison Pattie Send Email to Mrs Alison PattieResearch Associate0131 651 1682F3 (7GS)
Mr Ratko Radakovic Send Email to Mr Ratko RadakovicPostdoctoral Research Associate0131 651 1303F3 (7GS)
Mr Paul Redmond Send Email to Mr Paul RedmondDatabase Manager0131 651 1534F4 (7GS)
Dr Stuart Ritchie Send Email to Dr Stuart RitchiePostdoctoral Fellow in Cognitive Ageing0131 650 3453F1 (7GS)
Dr Beverly Roberts Send Email to Dr Beverly RobertsResearch Fellow/Scientific Administrator0131 650 4639F8 (7GS)
Alexander Robertson Send Email to Alexander RobertsonResearch Assistant0131 650 3343B01 (7GS)
Dr Ruth Sibbett Send Email to Dr Ruth SibbettResearch Assistant0131 650 4340G24 (7GS)
Dr Barbora Skarabela Send Email to Dr Barbora SkarabelaResearch Assistant0131 650 9867UG44 (7GS)
Ms Gillian Stott Send Email to Ms Gillian StottResearch Assistant (Nurse Specialist)UG44 (7GS)
Ms Adele Taylor Send Email to Ms Adele TaylorResearch Assistant in Cognitive Ageing0131 651 1681F3 (7GS)
Dr Mariana Vega-Mendoza Send Email to Dr Mariana Vega-MendozaResearch Assistant0131 650 9385F12 (7GS)
Dr Iva Čukić Send Email to Dr Iva ČukićResearch Assistant0131 650 4007S6 (7GS)


Firstname sort upsort down   Surname sort upsort down Programme sort upsort down Phone Location
Drew Altschul Send Email to Drew AltschulPhD PsychologyF23 (7GS)
Sai Pranav Arigala Send Email to Sai Pranav ArigalaMSc Psychological Research
Asaad Baksh Send Email to Asaad  BakshPhD Psychology0131 650 3423US43 (7GS)
Evangelia Balatsou Send Email to Evangelia BalatsouMSc Psychology of Language
Miss Miruna Barbu Send Email to Miss Miruna BarbuMSc Human Cognitive Neuropsychology
Federica Bartolozzi Send Email to Federica BartolozziMSc Psychology of Language
Lucille Bellegarde Send Email to Lucille BellegardePhD Psychology
Gabrielle Blackburn Send Email to Gabrielle BlackburnMSc Cognition in Science & Society
Ruth Brown Send Email to Ruth BrownPhD Psychology
Kimberley Buchan Send Email to Kimberley BuchanMSc Human Cognitive Neuropsychology
Maria Canas Bajo Send Email to Maria Canas BajoMSc Psychological Research
Dario Cancemi Send Email to Dario CancemiMSc Human Cognitive Neuropsychology
Lucía Castillo Send Email to Lucía CastilloPhD Psychology
Francesco Cimminella Send Email to Francesco CimminellaPhD Experimental Psychology and Cognitive Neuroscience
Gerard Clarke Send Email to Gerard ClarkeMSc Human Cognitive Neuropsychology
Adam Clayden Send Email to Adam ClaydenPhD PsychologyUS46 (7GS)
Caterina Constantinescu Send Email to Caterina ConstantinescuPhD Psychology
Ruth Corps Send Email to Ruth CorpsPhD Psychology
Christopher Crockford Send Email to Christopher CrockfordPhD PsychologyUS45 (7GS)
Catherine Crompton Send Email to Catherine CromptonPhD Psychology5.24 (IF)
Zander Crook Send Email to Zander CrookPhD Psychology
Aurora Cudia Send Email to Aurora CudiaMSc Human Cognitive Neuropsychology
Angela de Bruin Send Email to Angela de BruinPhD PsychologyG15 (7GS)
Monica De Icaza Valenzuela Send Email to Monica De Icaza ValenzuelaPhD Psychology
Jason M Doherty Send Email to Jason M DohertyPhD Psychology0131 6515 476
Eleanor Drake Send Email to Eleanor DrakePhD Psychology
Nicole Dube Send Email to Nicole DubeMSc Psychology of Individual Differences
Nazire Duran Send Email to Nazire DuranMSc Human Cognitive Neuropsychology
Chloe Fawns-Ritchie Send Email to Chloe Fawns-RitchiePhD Psychology0131 650 8317F4 (7GS)
PhD Erminia Fiorentino Send Email to PhD Erminia FiorentinoPhD Experimental Psychology and Cognitive Neuroscience0748 160 1858F22 (7GS)
Ana Flores Send Email to Ana FloresPhD Psychology
Alicia Forsberg Send Email to Alicia ForsbergPhD Psychology
Elizabeth Fowler Send Email to Elizabeth FowlerPhD Psychology
Roisin Furlong Send Email to Roisin FurlongMSc Human Cognitive Neuropsychology
Qingyuan Gardner Send Email to Qingyuan GardnerPhD PsychologyF24/28 (7GS)
Kimberley Glabeke Send Email to Kimberley GlabekeMSc Psychology of Language
Samantha Green Send Email to Samantha GreenMSc Human Cognitive Neuropsychology
Federica Guazzo Send Email to Federica GuazzoPhD Experimental Psychology and Cognitive NeuroscienceF25 (7GS)
Saskia Hagenaars Send Email to Saskia HagenaarsPhD Psychology0131 650 8495F1 (7GS)
Sarah-Jane Harrison Send Email to Sarah-Jane HarrisonMSc Human Cognitive Neuropsychology
Nicole Yi-Ting Hsiao Send Email to Nicole Yi-Ting HsiaoPhD PsychologyF23 (7GS)
Harriet Ingle Send Email to Harriet InglePhD Psychology
Aine Ito Send Email to Aine ItoPhD PsychologyF12 (7GS)
Elyse Jamieson Send Email to Elyse JamiesonPhD Linguistics & English Language
Hana Jee Send Email to Hana JeeMSc Psychology of Language
Catherine Jordan Send Email to Catherine JordanPhD Psychology
Yujiro Katagiri Send Email to Yujiro KatagiriMSc Psychology of Language
Josiah King Send Email to Josiah KingPhD Psychology
Serra Kirac Send Email to Serra KiracMSc Human Cognitive Neuropsychology
Michaela Klimova Send Email to Michaela KlimovaMSc Human Cognitive Neuropsychology
Sara Knight Send Email to Sara KnightMSc Psychology of Language
Vita Kogan Send Email to Vita KoganMSc Psychology of Language
Maria Kon Send Email to Maria KonMSc Psychological Research
Panagiotis Kourtesis Send Email to Panagiotis KourtesisMSc Human Cognitive Neuropsychology
Irina Kozlova Send Email to Irina KozlovaPhD PsychologyF23 (7GS)
Timea Kutasi Send Email to Timea KutasiMSc Psychology of Language
Si Mon Kwon Send Email to Si Mon KwonMSc Human Cognitive Neuropsychology
Renzo Lanfranco Send Email to Renzo  LanfrancoPhD Psychology0131 650 2968F25 (7GS)
Benedikt Langenbach Send Email to Benedikt LangenbachMSc Human Cognitive Neuropsychology
Jaroslaw Lelonkiewicz Send Email to Jaroslaw LelonkiewiczPhD Psychology
Yue Li Send Email to Yue LiPhD Psychology
Yu-Mei Li Send Email to Yu-Mei LiPhD Psychology
Jia Loy Send Email to Jia LoyPhD Psychology
Yulia Lukyanova Send Email to Yulia LukyanovaPhD Psychology
Linnea Lyckberg Send Email to Linnea LyckbergPhD Psychology
Chiara Magaddino Send Email to Chiara MagaddinoVisiting PhD Psychology
Andrew Maguire Send Email to Andrew MaguireMSc Human Cognitive Neuropsychology
Ramune Margeviciute Send Email to Ramune MargeviciutePhD Psychology0777 090 7268
Calum Marr Send Email to Calum MarrMSc Human Cognitive Neuropsychology
Paul Martin Send Email to Paul MartinMSc Psychological Research
Anna Mas Casadesus Send Email to Anna Mas CasadesusPhD Psychology
Lauren May Send Email to Lauren MayMSc Human Cognitive Neuropsychology
Jamie McGhee Send Email to Jamie McGheePhD Experimental Psychology and Cognitive Neuroscience+44 (0) 757 201 8095S35 (7GS)
Caroline McHutchison Send Email to Caroline McHutchisonPhD Psychology
Diane Meziere Send Email to Diane MeziereMSc Psychology of Language
Thomas Murdock Send Email to Thomas  MurdockPhD Psychology
Alan O'Dowd Send Email to Alan O'DowdMSc Human Cognitive Neuropsychology
Judith Okely Send Email to Judith OkelyPhD Psychology
Seok Hui Ooi Send Email to Seok Hui  OoiPhD PsychologyS35 (7GS)
Daniel Peng Send Email to Daniel PengMSc Human Cognitive Neuropsychology
Waradon Phokhinanan Send Email to Waradon PhokhinananMSc Psychology of Language
Daniel Pizarro de Olazabal Send Email to Daniel Pizarro de OlazabalMSc Psychological Research+44 (0) 756 109 1761
Sara Pluviano Send Email to Sara PluvianoPhD Experimental Psychology and Cognitive NeuroscienceUS42 (7GS)
Guillermo Puebla Ramirez Send Email to Guillermo Puebla RamirezMSc by Research Psychology
Maria Quezada Send Email to Maria QuezadaMSc Human Cognitive Neuropsychology
Ratko Radakovic Send Email to Ratko RadakovicPhD Psychology0131 650 9867
Tracey Ramsay Send Email to Tracey RamsayMSc Psychology of Individual Differences
Petar Raykov Send Email to Petar RaykovMSc Human Cognitive Neuropsychology
Satu Reivonen Send Email to Satu ReivonenMSc Psychological Research
Stephen Rhodes Send Email to Stephen RhodesPhD PsychologyF15 (7GS)
Caroline Robert Send Email to Caroline RobertMSc Psychology of Individual Differences
Lauren Robinson Send Email to Lauren  RobinsonPhD Psychology
Ryan Jim San Diego Send Email to Ryan Jim San DiegoVisiting PhD in Child Health Psychology
Anna Lene Seidler Send Email to Anna Lene SeidlerMSc Psychological Research
Anthony Selles Send Email to Anthony SellesPhD Psychology
Ourania Sfakianaki Send Email to Ourania SfakianakiMSc Human Cognitive Neuropsychology
Michael Siena Send Email to Michael SienaMSc Human Cognitive Neuropsychology
Luigi Smimmo Send Email to Luigi SmimmoPhD Psychology
Conor Smith Send Email to Conor SmithPhD Psychology
MS Federica Spaccatini Send Email to MS Federica Spaccatini
Nika Spasic Send Email to Nika SpasicMSc Human Cognitive Neuropsychology
Felix Suessenbach Send Email to Felix SuessenbachPhD PsychologyS35 (7GS)
Ellise Suffill Send Email to Ellise  SuffillPhD PsychologyF22 (7GS)
Ilaria Taglialatela Scafati Send Email to Ilaria Taglialatela ScafatiPhD Experimental Psychology and Cognitive NeuroscienceG15 (7GS)
Thalia Theodoraki Send Email to Thalia TheodorakiPhD Psychology
Anita Tobar Send Email to Anita TobarMSc Psychology of Language
Alessia Tosi Send Email to Alessia TosiPhD Psychology
Xiao Wang Send Email to Xiao WangMSc Psychology of Individual Differences
Emma Waterston Send Email to Emma WaterstonPhD Psychology
Vanessa Wilson Send Email to Vanessa WilsonPhD Psychology
Anna-Kaisa Wilson Send Email to Anna-Kaisa WilsonPhD Psychology0753 102 6866S35 (7GS)
Christina Wraw Send Email to Christina  WrawPhD Psychology
Chloë India Wright Send Email to Chloë India WrightMSc by Research Psychology
Martin Wright Send Email to Martin WrightMSc Psychology of Individual Differences
Jingya Yuan Send Email to Jingya YuanMSc Psychological Research
Ieva Zeromskaite Send Email to Ieva ZeromskaiteMSc by Research Psychology
Qiuyu Zhang Send Email to Qiuyu ZhangMSc Psychological Research0751 946 5137(7GS)
Binglei Zhao Send Email to Binglei  ZhaoPhD PsychologyF23 (7GS)

Support Staff


Firstname sort upsort down   Surname sort upsort down Position sort upsort down Phone Location
Mrs Julie Anderson Send Email to Mrs Julie AndersonSchool Office Manager0131 651 30837.03 (DSB)
Mrs Clare McDonald Send Email to Mrs Clare McDonaldClerical Assistant0131 650 34427.03 (DSB)
Mr Michael Murray Send Email to Mr Michael MurrayDirector of Professional Services0131 651 30847.02 (DSB)

Alzheimer Scotland Dementia Research Centre

Firstname   Surname Position Phone Location
Mrs Denise Munro Send Email to Mrs Denise MunroAdministrative Secretary0131 650 4340G24 (7GS)

Buildings and Facilities

Firstname   Surname Position Phone Location
Ms Sylvia Rennie Send Email to Ms Sylvia RennieBuildings & Facilities Manager0131 650 8393G6 (7GS)
Mr David Wilkinson Send Email to Mr David Wilkinson Buildings & Facilities Officer0131 650 34347.03 (DSB)

Cognitive Neuroscience

Firstname   Surname Position Phone Location
Mr Ronny Wiegand Send Email to Mr Ronny WiegandCognitive Neuroscience Lab Manager0131 650 3449G7 (7GS)

Computing, Graphics and Sound

Firstname   Surname Position Phone Location
Mr Alejandro Alonso Send Email to Mr Alejandro AlonsoComputing Infrastructure Support Officer0131 651 51474.11 (DSB)
Mr Jamie Bathgate Send Email to Mr Jamie BathgateComputing and Studio Support Officer0131 650 39571.10 (DSB)
Mr Stephen Boyd Send Email to Mr Stephen BoydComputing Support Officer0131 650 39571.10 (DSB)
Mrs Morag Brown Send Email to Mrs Morag BrownSystems Manager0131 650 39634.02 (DSB)
Mr Nick Daniels Send Email to Mr Nick DanielsLearning Technologist0131 651 55084.11 (DSB)
Dr Simon Fokt Send Email to Dr Simon FoktLearning Technologist0131 651 51764.11 (DSB)
Dr Christopher Gillespie Send Email to Dr Christopher GillespieComputing Applications Support Officer0131 650 8293G7 (7GS)
Mr Alistair Kirkhope Send Email to Mr Alistair KirkhopeComputing Support Officer0131 650 2899G7 (7GS)
Mr Cedric Macmartin Send Email to Mr Cedric MacmartinIT Services ManagerSee profileSee profile
Mr Alisdair Tullo Send Email to Mr Alisdair TulloProgrammer0131 650 41844.11 (DSB)
Mr Roy Welensky Send Email to Mr Roy WelenskyWeb Editor & Graphics Officer0131 650 3458G7 (7GS)

Finance and HR Support

Firstname   Surname Position Phone Location
Mrs Shirley Kirkaldy Send Email to Mrs Shirley KirkaldyAppointments & Finance Secretary0131 651 16847.03 (DSB)

Finance Office

Firstname   Surname Position Phone Location
Mr Steven McGauley Send Email to Mr Steven McGauleyFinance Manager0131 650 34317.04 (DSB)

Human Cognitive Neuroscience

Firstname   Surname Position Phone Location
Mrs Cheryl Phillips Send Email to Mrs Cheryl PhillipsEditorial/Clerical Assistant0131 650 6617F11 (7GS)


Firstname   Surname Position Phone Location
Mrs Karen Fleet Send Email to Mrs Karen FleetLibrarian0131 650 3439G3 (7GS)

Marketing/Knowledge Exchange

Firstname   Surname Position Phone Location
Dr Madeleine Beveridge Send Email to Dr Madeleine BeveridgeKnowledge Exchange Officer0131 651 55091.03 (DSB)
Miss Claire Francis Send Email to Miss Claire FrancisMarketing Assistant0131 650 31941.03 (DSB)
Ms Kate Mayor Send Email to Ms Kate MayorMarketing & Communications Officer0131 650 31941.03 (DSB)
Dr Robin Morton Send Email to Dr Robin MortonKnowledge Exchange, Communications & Impact Manager0131 650 8292See profile

Postgraduate Office

Firstname   Surname Position Phone Location
Miss Lynsey Buchanan Send Email to Miss Lynsey BuchananPostgraduate Administrative Secretary0131 651 50021.06 (DSB)
Miss Katie Keltie Send Email to Miss Katie KeltiePostgraduate Administrator0131 650 35941.06 (DSB)
Miss Toni Noble Send Email to Miss Toni NoblePostgraduate Administrative Secretary0131 651 31881.06 (DSB)

Reception (Dugald Stewart Building)

Firstname   Surname Position Phone Location
Mrs Shirley Yuill Send Email to Mrs Shirley YuillReceptionist0131 651 3296Reception (DSB)

Reception (Psychology Building)

Firstname   Surname Position Phone Location
Ms Avril Brooks Send Email to Ms Avril BrooksReceptionist0131 650 8388Concourse (7GS)

Research Office

Firstname   Surname Position Phone Location
Ms Rachael Fowler Send Email to Ms Rachael FowlerResearch Secretary0131 651 51731.04 (DSB)
Mrs Susan Hamilton Send Email to Mrs Susan HamiltonAdministrative Officer (Research)0131 651 13011.04 (DSB)
Mrs Mel McLaughlin Send Email to Mrs Mel McLaughlinResearch Administrator0131 650 99671.04 (DSB)

Undergraduate Teaching Office

Firstname   Surname Position Phone Location
Mrs Moira Avraam Send Email to Mrs Moira AvraamHead of Undergraduate Administration0131 650 36611.05 (DSB)
Miss Sam Bell Send Email to Miss Sam BellTeaching Office Secretary0131 650 3602G.06 (DSB)
Miss Ann-Marie Cowe Send Email to Miss Ann-Marie CoweTeaching Office Secretary0131 650 3961G.06 (DSB)
Miss Mhari Davidson Send Email to Miss Mhari DavidsonStudent Support Officer0131 651 3737G.03 (DSB)
Ms Stephanie Fong Send Email to Ms Stephanie FongTeaching Office Secretary0131 650 3628G.06 (DSB)
Ms Susan Hermiston Send Email to Ms Susan HermistonTeaching Office Secretary0131 650 3440G.06 (DSB)
Judy McCulloch Send Email to Judy McCullochHead of Student Support and Experience0131 651 5175G.02 (DSB)
Miss Sarah Nicol Send Email to Miss Sarah NicolStudent Support Officer0131 651 5505G.03 (DSB)
Ms Sue Richards Send Email to Ms Sue RichardsTeaching Office Secretary0131 651 3733G.06 (DSB)
Mrs Tamsin Taylor-Welch Send Email to Mrs Tamsin Taylor-WelchStudent Support Officer0131 651 5170G.03 (DSB)
Miss Lucy Wall Send Email to Miss Lucy WallTeaching Office Secretary0131 650 9870G.06 (DSB)


Firstname sort upsort down   Surname sort upsort down Position sort upsort down Phone Location
Prof Elizabeth Austin Send Email to Prof Elizabeth AustinProfessor0131 651 1305S39 (7GS)
Dr Derya Cokal Send Email to Dr Derya CokalVisitor0131 651 1752UG44 (7GS)
Dr Christel Devue Send Email to Dr Christel DevueVisitor0131 651 1752UG44 (7GS)
Dr Riccardo Marioni Send Email to Dr Riccardo MarioniVisitor0131 650 3422F1 (7GS)
Dr Ivy Shiue Send Email to Dr Ivy ShiueVisitor0131 650 4341G24 (7GS)