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REF 2014: Best in Scotland, 3rd in the UK

Psychology were part of a joint submission for Psychology, Psychiatry and Neuroscience. We are 1st in Scotland and 3rd in the UK, based on volume of world-leading and internationally excellent research. Our research environment is rated as 100% conducive to world-leading research, and 82% of our research is rated as outstanding in terms of its reach and significance.

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Personality and Interpersonal Relationships
This project examines people's ways of interacting with close friends and how this is related to personality and emotional disposition.


Edinburgh International Science Festival

26 Feb 2015

Lots of PPLS events at the Edinburgh International Science Festival!...

Robert McIntosh collaborates with Gary Clarke

20 Feb 2015

Dr Robert McIntosh helped Gary Clarke and his team of dancers...

A Study Registry: Recommendations & Observations

19 Feb 2015

Lessons learned from first two years of operating a study registry...

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Athena Swan Bronze award


Cognitive Ageing Journal Club

2 Mar 2015 12:30 – 13:30

Speaker: Judy Okely (CCACE, Edinburgh)
Topic: "Wellbeing and Chronic Disease Incidence: The...

Psychology Seminar

3 Mar 2015 17:15 – 18:15

Title: Seeing what they see: the causes and consequences of posterior...

Psychology Seminar Series

4 Mar 2015 16:10 – 17:00

Title: "The effects of age and performance on neural correlates of episodic encoding and...

Natural Kinds in Biology & Psychology Reading Group

5 Mar 2015 15:10 – 16:00

Reading: Khalidi, M. 2013. "Kinds in the special sciences." In Natural Categories and Human Kinds.

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