Prof Timothy Bates

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+44 131 651 1945
F33 (7GS)
Research Interests
Genetics, Cognitive epidemiology, Cognitive potential, Personality, Group behavior, Dyslexia, Language impairment

I am looking to accept a graduate student this year.

Important qualities
Enjoy quantitative analysis.
Able to consider both family and genetic causes.
Ideally: Feels like a Biologist, a Psychologist, Sociologist, an Anthropologist, and a Philosopher.

Need for Cognition goes a long way

My work is on human ability and personality. As such it spans positive psychology, as well as IQ and traits like optimism. I often use behavior and molecular genetic approaches to get at causality. Recent research includes.

  • How social status amplifies IQ (WSJ article).
  • The structure of Optimism; and of Eudaimonic well-being
  • A GWAS for dyslexia & the phonological loop
  • How education and learning to read (but not reading) raise IQ.
  • Genetic links of religion and group favoritism.

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My office hour is 10-11 on Mondays.

I teach Year 2 Core overview and methods, Year 3 Methodology, Year 4 personality, MSc Personality, and MSc Intelligence.

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